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Black Cat: Stolen Heart by srsRazzmatazz
Black Cat: Stolen Heart

I've had all the supplies for this for over 2 or 3 years now, ahahha. I just never made completing her a priority (I want/wanted to make Spidey to match).

Animefest 2015 was a few weeks ago and I wanted another street-level Marvel costume to match my partner so I finally put her together. I prefer the version with the all white boots/gloves but that is the one material I didn't have in my collection so went super easy-mode and did the fur this way instead (for now).

This photo was taken with help from my pal Carl over at Shinka Studios! Thanks Carl!
We didn't have time for a proper photo shoot since we were all super tired BUT we did get a couple gems!

 I borrowed that spidey photo from:…

Black Cat: More than a little coy by srsRazzmatazz
Black Cat: More than a little coy
New costume! Black Cat, Felicia Hardy!

Check out my facebook for a more upclose shot:

This photo was taken on the way back up to our hotel room during AnimeFest 2015. 
My feet hurt too much to stand and I was very bummed out that we didn't have any fancy places to take Black Cat photos so I sat down and handed my partner the camera and said, half sleep-deprived and incoherent, "I JUST WANNA BE FANCY, this'll have to do! Do I look fancy?????"

I can't say it is fancy enough for my taste but I'm relatively pleased that I have some photo-evidence of this costume, ahaha.

I must do a crossover shoot soon with BunnyAyumi as Catwoman, in the style of Adam Hughes's VS cat! I need it to happen!

Super Sonico Bunny Maid! by srsRazzmatazz
Super Sonico Bunny Maid!
Quick costume I made a couple weeks ago as a palate cleaners of sorts!

Haven't done my write up yet but there are more photos over on my facebook (which I'll probably post over here...eventually). 
Superman and Powergirl by srsRazzmatazz
Superman and Powergirl
Guess I never uploaded any photos of my "new" Powergirl costume! I say new, though this was made well over a year ago!
Also, I greatly improved the Superman costume I made for my boyfriend, complete with a badass muscle suit too! >:D

I feel bad, I don't know the source of this photo :c If you have it, please let me know!
If I'm not mistaken, this was taken during Animegfest 2013.


Razzmatazz Cosplay
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Hey guys, I caved.

I've made a cosplay facebook.

Razzmatazz Cosplay

I'm terrible, as I'm sure you've noticed, about maintaining my dA and I find that tumblr is great for up to date progress though horrid to try to sift through to find anything older than a week (my tumblr is srsRazzmatazz too, by the way).

So, yeah, cosplay facebook.

I'm giving it a trail run til after Akon then I'm gonna decide if I want to keep it.
I dunno, it kinda feels too attention whore-y to me (says the cosplayer who cosplays comic book ladies with all of the bosom).

We shall see.
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